The Five Ringed Tower EP

by Vinyl Dial


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The Five Ringed Tower EP is an adventurous quest to ascend through each of the elemental stones of the Gorintō.


You find yourself in a desolate landscape, which once was a bustling oasis.
Only dirt is left behind in DUST CANYON

Enjoy your stay.

As night falls, you'll need to light a torch to guide your way home.

The captain has now switched on the FASTEN SEATBELT light
Please be sure to read the IN FLIGHT MANUAL

Your voyage nears it's final moments as you stand at the edge of reality itself. Your footsteps clanging on the metal walkway as you try to comprehend creation, peering out into the universe, longing for all the answers that will never come.

Time to let the credits roll.


Thank you, this wouldn’t have been possible without you - Daniel Woodyer, Les Chilton, First Kings, mew_t8. Very special thanks to the crew for all the laughs we’ve had - Ookiiani, Vectør, NewEraDreaming, Waterpark-Owner, Ayemdee, Vehicle. Lastly thank you to my incredible friends on Twitter.

==Vinyl Dial==

==First Kings==



released September 18, 2017



Vinyl Dial Bedford, UK

"Neo Progressive Psychedelic Avian Space Rock"

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